Specialized Transport Services

Transport Services Throughout Canada

Danny Lizotte Transport Services provides Canada specialized transport services to all Canadian provinces & territories.

Danny Lizotte Transport Servicess

Save time and money!

Let US save YOU time and money using our specialized transport services. We can transport a variety of items using our Low bedding & Super B Operation trailers including:

We also can provide specialized Wild Land Firefighting Equipment & supplies to fight Canadian wildfires.

Low Bedding Transport

Our Low Bed trailers provide the opportunity to legally transport loads up to 12 ft tall.

Used to haul various types of heavy duty equipment, it gives us the ability to long haul industrial equipment across Canada.

Danny Lizotte Transportation - Low bed transport

Super B Operations

With Super B Operations, we transport all supplies and equipment to a job site. This saves time, space, and money.

Danny Lizotte Transportation - Super B
Super B Operation

Dust Control

We have added a Dust Control trailer to our fleet that is capable of watering down and or spraying calcium on dusty roads. 

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