About Danny Lizotte Transport Services

Canadian Transport Services & Heavy Equipment

Danny Lizotte Transport Services

Since 2006, Danny Lizotte Transport Services has been supplying Canada wide transport and heavy equipment services to the Energy Sector.

Owner Danny Lizotte, has extensive background knowledge in the Energy Sector requirements. In addition to this, Danny has also worked as a Field Superintendent, managing the safety and logistics of work teams in the field on specialized contracts.

Danny Lizotte Transport Services is operational year round, 24 hours/day specializing in:

  • Supplying and installing Access Mats for building temporary roads.
  • Providing Transport equipment for moving supplies, personnel, equipment, along with lowbedding and Super B operations. Equipment is new, reliable and well maintained.
  • Transporting and providing a variety of Off-road vehicles including logging equipment, gravel boxes and more.
  • Providing right of way Land Clearing services to build permanent or temporary access roads while preserving wild land in the surrounding areas.
  • Working alongside with Contract Canada by providing specialized Wild Land Firefighting Equipment.
  • Providing Integrity Digs to repair underground pipelines safely and effectively.
We have reliable, new equipment and professional services!

Safety and Quality Commitment

With a commitment to safety and quality, Danny Lizotte Transport Services is SECOR certified:

  • Projects are completed in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner.
  • Employees have pre-employment D&A screening, required training & certifications for the job and competency testing prior to arriving on the job site.
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